Words of value

Our strategy involves some basic principles that can be summarized by the words of values described below, which we believe is what distinguishes our projects from many others.

Cost-effective platforms 

Our ambition is to develop innovative cost-effective tech solutions using off the shelf components connected to a common MG 485platform. We aim to use smartphones with an app as the user interface, and state of the art cloud solutions to manage the data.

Bottom up approach

MG 4714 4We would love to deploy advanced sensor networks, radar surveillance and even drones to monitor the savannahs for animals and poachers. But is this a sustainable solution? No, we do not think so, and we have seen many western companies demonstrate advanced technology on the savannahs, but very few of them survive without the technical team being present.



Public Private Partnership

We believe that no single organization can develop a holistic and sustainable solution, so collaboration is needed. Here, a public private partnership is needed, that combines policy making and research organizations with private companies that realizes new business opportunities where they can doing well by doing good.

Local ownership

MG 0778We put the end-users in focus, and let them form the specifications and participate in the design of the user interface. We hve involved local ICT companies and experts in the design and development process. We want to gradually increase the amount of technology, meaning that we introduce new solutions in small steps, no giant leaps. Finally, we spend a lot of efforts to train the end-users, develop training programs with gamification, and to train the trainers.