Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is the key partner through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in August 2014, which frames a long-term cooperation.

KWS PublicReport w Front final PRINT

KWS Public Report

This report was published by KWS in collaboration with Stimson Center and Linköpings University 2015 


Gold partners

Our gold partners have done substantial in-kind contributions to the project, and we promote them in all of our public publications and outreach.

  • Airtel, the second largest Kenyan telecom operator, has supported the project from the start, with personnel participating in our visits to Ngulia, with free SIM cards and monthly data bundles to all our smartphones.
  • Nokia, the largest telecom system provider in Kenya, has provided a 3G base station, and the Kenyan CEO has actively participated in several visits to the park.
  • Kolmården Wildlife Park, provides the test site and dedicated personnel actively supporting the project.

Airtel MOU signing 2017

Signing the renewed MoU at the Airtel offices 2017-09-21. Looking on is Marion Wambua in-charge of PR and CSR at Airtel Kenya.

Silver partners

Our silver partners contribute with dedicated personell working for the project at reduced costs or participating in our project activities and field tests with in-kind contributions.

  • HiQ, responsible for software design and implementation (version 2), project coordination and public communication.
  • iHub, Kenya, and their highly engaged team that designed and implemented the first version, and was responsible for the training in Ngulia.
  • Solarbora, a first spin-off company of project Ngulia for providing new energy and ICT solutions for rural areas in Africa. They participate in the field training and performs power maintenance in the field.
  • Eprotection, a second spin-off company from the project, has contributed in-kind with new modules to the software platform.
  • FollowIT, providing several versions of GPS footbands for our tests.
  • Many other companies that have participated one or a few times in field tests in Kolmårdens, such as Spotscale, Narrative, FLIR, Meteksan Savunma, Pavis, Cybaero, Superfly

Our funders:

  • Linköping University through personnel and travel costs, with the following funds:
    • Vinnova through the project Smart Savannahs 2015.
    • Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and the project Collaborative Localization, and in particular the additional funding for demonstrators, which has been used for hardware in Kolmården.
    • The strategic research environment Security Link.
  • Kolmården Foundation (KIS) and their contributions to the second version of software platform
  • Swedish postcode foundation through a grant to KIS above.
  • Norrköping City Council through a grant to Linköping University and Kolmården.
  • Stimson Center and their project funders

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