Crisis for Wildlife

The world is experiencing an unprecedented wildlife crisis.

rhino140,000 elephants and more than 3,500 rhinos have been slaughtered by poachers since 2012. There are direct and indirect links between poaching, wildlife crime and transnational criminal organizations, insurgencies and even terrorist organizations.

In Kenya, the black rhino population is facing extinction. In 1970s there were 20,000 black rhinos. Today there are only 650.

The current situation has significant implications for Kenya’s development as about 15 percent of Kenya’s GDP is associated with the tourism industry that relies on popular wildlife attractions as elephants and rhinos.

In Project Ngulia, a consortium of public and private sector actors are taking action. With smart technology and innovation we will combat poaching and wildlife crime.

You can join us and make a difference on the ground in Kenya!


KWS PublicReport w Front final PRINT copy 01Click the image above to download the Project Ngulia KWS Report